Thank you for all that you do to make Tenley what it is: not just an exercise studio, but somewhere that you just want to come! I was always greeted with a smile, professionalism. and warmth and always left anxious to return to my next class in this stunning studio.

I was introduced to Tenley and the barre method in 2012 when I moved to West Lafayette. From my first class, I was hooked and feel stronger than ever today! The instructors are top notch, tailoring the method to each individual.

I constantly recommend Tenley, telling friends that they will not be able to wait to return once they take a class.

Having just moved from West Lafayette, I am sad to leave it behind but take strength and wonderful memories with me. I will always take a class at Tenley when I return for visits!!

Thank you and my regards to the entire Tenley Team!

Since working out at Tenley my Waist is tighter, arms leaner, posture is better, tummy flatter, my moods are better, butt is firmer and lifted, and thighs are more shapely!
 -Shireen H.

Shape, Love and Laughter - Truly inspiring me to make exercise a priority with wonderful fun positive people. It is heartfelt! Kristen's class is the perfect mix of everything. A fabulous recipe that tones and tightens. It is a truly amazing workout that is so much fun! I am thankful Kristen shares her passion with us!
 -SaraBeth V.

I love Tenley Studio! I started going there for yoga earlier this year and it puts me in such a great mood every time I go! The yoga instructors are wonderful--they are very knowledgeable, friendly and give great practices. I feel much more relaxed and fit after every class! The instructors also create a great atmosphere with their selection of candles, music, and aromatherapy. I love it!
 -Katie Y.

I love Tenley. Two years ago I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel for several months. I needed a cure and Tenley instructors were the miracle. After a few weeks in class, my heel was back to normal...thanks Team Tenley!E
 -Mary D.

I started Yoga to relieve some stress in my life. I have seen a dramatic change in my overall happiness after starting Yoga at Tenley. The instructors great environment and making their classes comfortable with the practice. The experience of Tenley made me feel special and welcomed each time I step through the door. As for the change in my body, I have more flexibility and balance then i have ever before and the low back pain I have been suffering with for years, has diminished almost completely. I look forward to more Barre classes to get the tone in my body I have always wanted. I am so very glad I found Tenley and have had the pleasure to meet most of the instructors and be in their classes. They are all so very amazing.
 -Cassandra S.

I enjoy going to Tenley and I absolutely love the results. Always changing the workout and making it challenging,keeps me coming back. Not only do I love the workout, I love the people at Tenley and the friends I have met there. Tenley has really changed my body and my life.
 -Susie G.

I have really enjoyed Tenley ever since I began coming in the summer. All of the instructors, are so energetic, motivating and knowledgeable. makes coming to Tenley fun and rewarding. Since I began Tenley, I have gone down 2 dress sizes, lost weight and inches and feel great! The physical and mental benefits are amazing. , I feel blessed to have found such great instructors at such a great place to work out!
 -Lisa M.

After four c-sections, I never thought I would get my strength back. Thanks for all your hard work and offering so many class options that can fit into my schedule. I always start my week off by signing up for as many classes as possible. The hour flies by and I seem to find new muscles that I didn't know I had!
 -Linda G.

I joined Tenley 8/31/2012 and left my inactive, busy, chaotic life behind! My friend Lisa recommended I come with her to Tenley. I did and have been in classes 4-6 times per week ever since. Even though my life is still chaotic and unpredictable but now I have a goal to get organized every day so I can get to Tenley on time! Going to Tenley and “sweating” with a group of very friendly Ladies is a pleasure I cannot pass! It is strange but feels even better than chocolate! The only “side effect” of this is I feel fit and stronger and my husband is happy!

In 2012 I signed up for the Tenley New Year Challenge became hooked for life! Tenley, whether for barre or for yoga, is one of the highlights of my day, leaving me energized and rejuvenated. 'Tenley Tuck' is now almost involuntary throughout the day, building my confidence, good posture and strength.1 hour at Tenley flies by because I am enjoying myself and taking the time to invest in myself, in my well being and happiness! Thanks to all the wonderful instructors at Tenley - you are all truly special!
 -Hema S.

I am so happy to have found Tenley Studio. Everyone is so nice and supportive. I love the people, the studio and the amazing instructors! I feel so much stronger without bulky muscles. The barre class is a fun and intense workout. It has helped me be a better wake boarder as well as dressage rider. Attending yoga classes after the barre class is heavenly! It's always so relaxing and gives me a sense of peacefulness and quiets my mind. Congratulations Kristen on an amazing studio!!

Tenley Studio, Kristen Raisor Jones and All the instructors: Wow !!! Thank-you for bringing such a fabulous program to Lafayette!! A program that is designed from teens to seniors. The following are words that come to my mind when the word Tenley enters it. Toning Strengthening Balancing Posture Committed Defining Details Transformation Encouragement. The instructors at Tenley are dedicated and committed to help you get the best workout ever and to obtain your individual goals. One is totally energized and gets you pumped into that same energy!!! Even after a long day of work! I have attended Tenley for 2 years and I am amazed at how I feel, but even more, I enjoy watching the transformation of other clients. If you are committed to Tenley....They are committed to you and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!! Each and everyone one of you....I have Already told Kristen my Goal is to be: SEXY AT SIXTY!!! So I plan on staying at Tenley to reach that goal.
 -Lydia H.

I started attending Tenley three months after I had my youngest child. I was so out of shape and thought there was no way I’d ever be able to get through an entire class! Here I am a year and a half later and not only can I do an entire class(usually), but I’ve been attending at least three times a week. Not only have I enjoyed how I feel physically, but mentally it gives me a boost. I truly get energy from being there and being surrounded by people like Kristen who are completely focused and dedicated to helping you achieve the best “you”! I love coming to class and have made some incredible friendships along the way. When I’m feeling like I can’t possibly do one more rep of something, everyone there is encouraging me and convincing me that I can. I also love that the instructors give great tips, cues and modifications for every exercise, especially if you have some joint or bone issues like me! Thank you for bringing Tenley to us and Thank you for being you, Kristen!

"Hooray for the Tenley Method!  I've finally found the best workout for me.  When I first started, I noticed everyone in the class had well-toned arms, legs, and butts.  After a couple of months of coming 3-4 times a week, mine were too!  All of the instructors are great, but because of my schedule, I attend Kristen's classes most often.  She is challenging, motivating (just LOOK at her!), gives helpful cues to ensure correct form, and is committed to helping clients get the most out of their workouts.  She also offers modifications for each exercise for anyone dealing with back, knee, or joint issues--like me.  Each one-hour class flies by, and I actually look forward to exercising. I'm hooked.

“ I have been coming to Tenley Studios for a year and a half. I started going to Tenley 4 months after I had a 2 level spinal fusion. I was looking for a workout that was low impact, encouraged  better posture, a workout that would help build my core, and give me an entire body workout. I found that when I attended my first session at Tenley! My back surgeon has been amazed with the progress I have made and the strength I have gained.  All of the instructors are focused on each individual person and their specific needs/requirements. They provide an abundance of modifications for all body types.

I am now 9 months pregnant and have been able to continue my Tenley workouts regularly.  I have increased my muscle tone, stamina, strength, and overall appearance. I couldn’t be happier with the devotion the instructors have given to me. It is truly a wonderful place to workout and meet new friends. I would highly recommend Tenley to any one; any age. You will be amazed at the changes your body will go through and how great you will feel!”

"A recent visit to Los Angelos, California attending Barre classes featured in magazines, I walked away saying Lafayette is so fortunate to have Tenley Studio. Tenley Studio is a first class workout facility that brings a unique and effective exercise program to our community."
- Jill

"My wife has been attending Tenley Studio for 5 months. Before Tenley she tried everything from club memberships to working out at home with DVD's featured on TV. Nothing has given her such amazing results and been so enjoyable for her."
- Tom

"The Tenley Studio offers a unique and intense workout. You really feel the burn and this is what keeps me going back. It's addictive! I like how I feel challenged every time I'm there. I feel my body pushing limits I would never do on my own. The workout is centered around small controlled movements and has a bit of a ballet feel to it. Kristen and Jen are well trained, encouraging, and motivating instructor whom I now consider friends. My muscles are being lengthened, strengthened and toned. I have definitely noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit. Just try this class you will definitely feel the burn and get a great workout."
- Julie P.

"I love the enthusiasm of Kristen and her staff, their great tips, and the ability to make every class different and challenging. And I love the fact that I'm now down a jean size!!"
- Cathy