Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for my first class?
New clients can now sign up online and schedule your first free Barre + Yoga classes.

For Barre, the Open level class is the one we recommend all new clients try out before moving on to the Mixed and Advanced level classes. We have our Open level class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am and Tuesday night at 5:30 pm. Click on the link above to register today!

What is the Tenley Method?
The Tenley Method is a total body workout that burns fat and sculpts the body to create long lean legs, flat abs, sculpted arms, and a lifted seat. Our Tenley Method fuses ballet barre conditioning in an hour long high intense workout session. Through this workout you will not only lose inches but you will also gain better posture, more flexibility and better body alignment.

What do you do in a Tenley Studio class?
Each class begins with a warm up to get your muscles warmed up and to get your heart rate up. We then move onto several different intense series beginning with our upper body series which targets your arms, shoulders, and back. We then we move onto the lower body series which focuses on your thighs and seat followed by an intense abdominal work. After each series we stretch the muscles worked in order to create strong, long, lean muscle without the bulk while increasing flexibility.

Can I lose weight doing the classes?
Yes! More importantly than losing weight-you will lose inches off of all of those problem areas-hips, thighs, stomach, and waistline. If you attend our classes regularly and are consistent with it you will lose inches off your body. Some students have seen changes in their body after only 10 classes.

How is this different from other workouts offered at other fitness facilities?
This exercise technique draws from multiple points of resistance. It’s not just back and forth, up and down. This allows the student to perform a serious of movements that imitate those of a dancer. We can create a dancers body-lean yet muscular. Remember, this is the workout that changes your body. Additionally, we limit our classes to 14 students. Our main goal as instructors is to make sure you get the most out of your workout with hands-on correcting. We offer a smaller, more intimate setting versus a gym where you might feel like a number in the crowd.

I’ve seen a personal trainer before and I really “bulked up”. Will this workout do that to my muscles as well?
Absolutely not! We’ve done the personal trainer thing too and hated how we bulked up! This method will not bulk up your body, instead it refines it. This is bodysculpting as opposed to bodybuilding. Our technique requires students to use their own body weight as resistance and we use hand weight as well and. We NEVER use weights over 5lbs.

Is this a cardio workout?
Yes! Our classes are fast paced and we keep your heart rate up for the entire hour. You will sweat and get a high caloric burn during our class and because of the high intensity of the workout and the muscles worked, your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day even after you have finished our class!

Can I attend classes during pregnancy?
Tenley Method is a safe form of exercise for both pre and post natal care. Attending classes is a great way to keep off excess weight during and after your pregnancy and it also helps prepare you for labor. We use several slight modifications for pregnant women attending the class. Please note that all prenatal clients need to have written consent from their doctor before attending a class.

What should I wear to a class?
Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in but nothing too loose or baggy where the instructors cannot see your body alignment. Our only requirements are that you wear socks and pants that cover your knees.

How often should I attend Tenley Studio classes in order to see results?
Attending our classes 3-5 times per week will get you optimal results. You really have to stick with this workout. This is the workout that changes your body but only if you are dedicated.

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level or age to do these classes?
No and what is great about the Tenley Studio classes are that all of our classes are taught in a non–competitive and supportive atmosphere. Because the way our classes are designed, we can have a class of beginners and advanced students and neither group will have an impact on each other’s workout. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications for each of our classes so that students of all fitness levels can not only have a challenging workout in our classes but they can also increase the intensity level of their workout as they gain more strength.