Tenley Barre

The Tenley Barre is a total body workout that burns fat and sculpts the body to create long lean legs, flat abs, sculpted arms, and a lifted seat. Our Tenley Barre fuses ballet barre conditioning in an hour long high intense workout session. Through this workout you will not only lose inches but you will also gain better posture, more flexibility and better body alignment. This workout will literally change your body -- quickly and effectively! Our main goal as instructors is to make sure you get the most out of your workout with hands-on correcting.

Below is a list of classes offered to accommodate all levels:

Tenley Open

Learn the Basics and Improve Your Technique:

  • Tenley Open will teach you how to properly practice the Tenley Method
  • The instructor will give you tips on how to tuck, and keep proper form + good posture to maximize results
  • Great for existing clients who want to gain more proficiency in the fundamentals of barre


Tenley Mixed

Intermediate to Advanced Levels Welcome:

  • More fast paced than Tenley Open
  • All New clients must take 5 Tenley Open classes before advancing to Tenley Mixed


Tenley Tough

Advanced Level Barre Class

  • Designed to go deeper into your barre burn!
  • Attending 5 Tenley Mixed classes before taking Tenley Tough is strongly recommended
  • A fast paced 1 hour class with higher rep + sets and more challenging cardio variations