It was the fall of 2001 I signed a letter of intent to play volleyball for Michigan. I met Clayton at college and we were soon transferred to California. I've always been an addict to exercise having grown up very athletic I wondered what program could motivate and inspire me. I fell in love with the "barre" exercise technique immediately in California. It's an all over complete body workout like none other and was just picking up speed and recognition. During our off season of baseball, we moved home to Lafayette. I was disappointed assuming there would not be a studio in "little Lafayette' that provided a "barre" workout. On my first visit to Tenley I knew I met my match and it rivaled any other studio I'd been to around the Country. After meeting Kristen, the owner, and working out regularly with her, she approached me about coming on board with the "Team Tenley" and instructing. I love the workout and making a difference in peoples' life by motivating them to be their own personal best!